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Arch based Linux distribution that aims to provide a better out-of-the-box installation and user experience

KduxOS is a lightweight Linux distro based on Arch Linux, it aims to provide a better out-of-the-box installation. It comes with terminal based utilities like neovim, tmux, and ranger. There’s currently two versions, desktop and standard. The desktop version comes with a graphical session using OpenBox, polybar, and jgmenu. The standard version is a text based release that gives users the most basic experience with KduxOS.


bootloader KduxOS’s Live CD bootloader.

v0.1.0-prealpha-desktop The custom desktop environment using OpenBox, polybar, and jgmenu with the menu open and spacefm (the default file manager) running.

v0.1.0-prealpha-desktop-menu The custom jgmenu which can be opened by clicking menu, pressing Win, or by right clicking on the desktop and choosing “Open Application Menu”.

v0.1.0-prealpha-desktop-dockapps A few dockapps opened which requires the packages to be installed.